Smart Cities Hack Event Summary

by Sinziana Eckner


Event Summary

We <3 hackathons! And this one was no different. We started the day with a presentation on evaluating flooding impacts on drainage systems using NYC 311 open data by Sina Kashuk, after which we split up into teams delved into hacking. And then the magic happened! We hacked a bit, took a break around lunchtime and tuned into a presentation about using open data by Maureen Teyssier, then hacked some more until evening came and it was time for the teams to share their work with the group. Here are a few of the results and analysis that came out of the event:

Application Fee Donation to Planned Parenthood

Participants were required to pay a nominal $5 fee in order to reserve their spots and vote among for charities for the proceeds to be donated. Planned Parenthood was chosen among the four, and we are thrilled to have raised $350 for such a worthy cause.

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