Urban Science

by Federica Bianco, Zuzanna Kłyszejko and Sinziana Eckner


An incredible amount of data about NYC is openly available. And we all know that magic happens when smart creative people get their hands on data! This hack-a-thon is designed to help us better understand the city we live in and create solutions to improve equitability, productivity, resilience, and sustainability.

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Smart Cities Hack Event Summary

by Sinziana Eckner


We hacked, made new friends, learned how to use Carto and geospatial libraries, and made some awesome looking maps that exposed great insights into various aspects of NYC open data! Check out this post for descriptions of the work that was done and pictures of the event.

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Our 3 Tracks

by Friederike Schüür and Iva Horel


We ‹3 hackathons! People coming together using their skills for a good cause? That’s awesome! Right? Well, yes! Yes, it is. But implementation can ruin, or save, the best of ideas - and Hackathons are a great idea. So let’s talk about implementation.

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